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Talking about the Factors Affecting the Quality of Casting Machine and Its Cause Analysis
- Jul 25, 2018 -

Casting machines have a great influence on industrial production, but there are many factors in daily production that affect the quality and efficiency of the casting machine. Do you know? In order to help users make better use of the casting machine, Xiao Bian specially collected the following articles and made an analysis to help you avoid similar problems in the operation and make the operation smoother.

I. Analysis of influencing factors

During the production of the casting machine, the temperature has a great influence. If the temperature is too high, the quality of the equipment will be affected, and the surface of the equipment will be broken, bubbles and shrinkage, which will seriously affect the processing accuracy and use effect of the equipment.

2. Analysis of the causes of factors

The factors affecting the production temperature of the casting machine include many aspects. Firstly, due to the temperature influence of the steel itself, because the surface temperature of the steel is very high when it is produced, the production temperature of the casting is rapidly increased, which affects the normality of the casting machine. Production, which is harmful to quality; secondly, it is about the production of materials, because the manufacturers of casting machine materials are different, it is difficult to control the quality of materials, so that the temperature control of the casting machine in the production process Unstable.

If you want to solve the above problems, we need to use qualified materials as the production material of the casting machine and control the temperature.