Gravity Casting Machine

  • Universal Casting Machine

    Universal Casting Machine

    Name: universal casting machine Function: fulfill aluminum foundry production Quality standard: ISO9001: 2008 and CE Max mold size: 1200×800×700mm Active planten: 5pcs Tilt angle: 120 degree Water cooling channel: 8 Heating channel: 4 Robot casting interface: yes Machine...Read More
  • Non-ferrous Sand Casting Machine

    Non-ferrous Sand Casting Machine

    Name: non-ferrous sand casting machine Function: cast non-ferrous products Feature: it is known as green casting , full process waste are recyclable . Hydraulic tilt Auto-unloading Cavity negative pressure Network interface Lower power consumptionRead More
  • Aluminum Components Casting Machine

    Aluminum Components Casting Machine

    Name: aluminum components casting machine Function: in use of aluminum components foundry Machine power : AC 380V 3 phases Feature: easy to operate Mitsubishi/Siemens touch screen & PLC ensure reliability Hydraulic cylinder provide good stability and decrease mold wearing...Read More
  • Vehicle Parts Casting Machine

    Vehicle Parts Casting Machine

    Name: vehicle parts casting machine Machine is fully hydraulic operated by cylinder drawing . 1 button start full cycling after melt liquid pouring. Machine advantage: manpower saving and high work efficiency High control to casting quality Low casting defects such as...Read More
  • Automotive Parts Casting Machine

    Automotive Parts Casting Machine

    Name: automotive parts casting machine Function: cast automotive parts Power supply: AC 380V Power rate: 11KW Drawing type: hydraulic operated Robot casting interface: standby Feature: gravity casting process Lower equipment and mold cost compared with lower pressure casting...Read More
  • Light Alloy Casting Machine

    Light Alloy Casting Machine

    Name: light alloy casting machine Function: cast turbocharger housing and other light alloy products Feature: machine minimize unwanted parts during casting process , maximize material utilization rate . Siemens / Mitsubishi touch screen and PLC Full process monitoring system...Read More
  • Precision Sand Casting Machine

    Precision Sand Casting Machine

    Name: precision sand casting machine Function: cast sand core products, such as cylinder block , pipes , pump housing , hollow products, etc Feature: machine base plate are made of HT300 cast iron. Each machine come with one hydraulic station to ensure sufficient oil pressure...Read More
  • Alloy Wheel Casting Machine

    Alloy Wheel Casting Machine

    Name: car alloy wheel casting machine Function: cast automobile alloy wheel Power: 380V , 3 phases Drive mode: hydraulic Feature: Gravity casting It is lower cost investing compared with lower pressure casting , no matter machine & mold . gravity casting is easier to...Read More
  • Cylinder Cover Casting Machine

    Cylinder Cover Casting Machine

    Name: cylinder cover casting machine Function: cast engine cylinder cover/engine head Feature: Automatic work mode in gravity process Lower scrap rate Mold size--800×600×500mm Tilt type: hydraulic Tilt angle: 90degree Sand core online monitoring HT-300 casting iron base plate...Read More
  • Motorcycle Parts Casting Machine

    Motorcycle Parts Casting Machine

    Name: motorcycle parts casting machine Function : cast motorcycle parts in high efficiency Parts such as cylinder , shock absorber , Feature: energy saving , high casting yield Touch screen & PLC control process . Position sensor built in Solidification time counting...Read More
  • Aluminum Casting Machine

    Aluminum Casting Machine

    Name: aluminum casting machine Function: cast aluminum products Power source: AC 380V 50HZ PLC & HMI touch screen are incorporated to increase system reliability . Oil cylinder bushing is graphite type self-lubricated . All stroke are geared with proximity sensor . Alarm...Read More
  • Engine Block Casting Machine

    Engine Block Casting Machine

    Name: engine block casting machine Function: cast engine covers and blocks Feature: Power supply: 380V / 3phases Mold size: 500×500×400mm Drawing way: front & rear , left & right Tilt angle : 90degree Tilt driver: hydraulic Auto-unloading:yes cooling channel: 4...Read More
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