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How does the gravity casting machine correct the casting?
- Jul 25, 2018 -

A very important use of gravity casting machines is to weld damaged castings. This is inseparable from its own performance and function. The specific amendments are as follows, and you can focus on it.

When the gravity casting machine is in operation, it uses the arc of the gas discharge as a heat source to melt and bond the metal of the electrode and the base material of the defective part of the casting. Because this method is economical, and the electrode used can be selected according to the casting material and welding conditions, it is suitable for the welding repair of various castings.

It can be found from the operation process that the gravity casting machine has an obvious feature, that is, the gettering property, because the composition of the aluminum alloy reacts with the moisture content of the combustion products, etc., and the generated gas is absorbed by the aluminum liquid. Caused by it. This is very beneficial for the correction effect of the casting.

Three-dimensional modeling technology of gravity casting machine mould

Before the casting machine is used, the mold is indispensable, so how is the mold used for the gravity casting machine designed and made? The relevant process and operation points are as follows:

According to Xiaobian, gravity casting molds are all designed using computer three-dimensional modeling technology, which greatly improves the design efficiency. The use of computer technology can simulate the movement of the mold, so as to ensure that the mold can have a good fit; the installation of the mold on the equipment is also the same, through the computer simulation.

In order to find deficiencies in the casting process, it is also necessary to simulate this process and provide suggestions for improvement. It is precisely because of the integrated design of design, processing and process simulation that the design of the mold can be optimized to improve the precision of the mold.