Industry Mold

  • Die Casting Mold

    Die Casting Mold

    Name: die casting mold Function: cast products in die design . Die mold is designed in the tool of 3D software such as UG , Solidworks , Autocad , etc. After 3d modeling , process machining is composed . Main machine to fabricate die is CNC turning centre . After machining ,...Read More
  • OEM Casting Mold

    OEM Casting Mold

    Name: OEM casting mold As per client requirement and design , our experienced technical team merge concerned points together, eventually generate an optimized mold plan for client. During this process , we verify the design again and again to ensure the best reliability....Read More
  • Light Alloy Casting Mold

    Light Alloy Casting Mold

    Name: light alloy casting mold It is used for light alloy gravity casting industry.Read More
  • Motorcycle Parts Mold

    Motorcycle Parts Mold

    Name: motorcycle parts mold Function: used for motorcycle aluminum parts gravity castingRead More
  • Automobile Parts Mold

    Automobile Parts Mold

    Name: automobile parts casting mold Mold is manufactured by H13 high intensity steel. Casting lifetimes are more than 50,000pcs, extended longer if mold is under proper caring. Automobile parts such as turbocharger housing, cylinder cover, gear hub, manifold, pipe, bracket, etcRead More
  • Cylinder Mold

    Cylinder Mold

    Name: cylinder mold Motorcycle cylinder or vehicle cylinder head/block mold Mold material: H13 steel Production time: 45 days Quality warranty: 12 months Mold CAE: yes Mold simulation: as per customer request Baolin mold process: Receive order >>>>>>>>...Read More
  • Piston Mold

    Piston Mold

    Name: piston mold Piston diameter from 30mm to 260mm Mold come in single cavity / double cavity / 4 cavity. Mold design: as per client drawing or by Baolin team Feature: water cooling is well utilized inside mold . Mold lifetime: more than 300,000pcs casting Piston mold is...Read More
  • Wheel Casting Mold

    Wheel Casting Mold

    Name: car wheel casting mold wheel gravity casting mold mold material: #45 steel wheel mold is like other casting mold , after machining , it is properly heat-treated so as to obtain the right mechanical performance . feature: durable & long lifetime accurate casting size...Read More
  • Gravity Casting Mold

    Gravity Casting Mold

    Name: gravity casting mold Mold material: 40Cr/H13 /HD21 Mold internal core is made of high hardness material , deformation resistant against heating . Practical riser and runner gate design Scientific venting consideration Strong points to recommend Baolin casting mold:...Read More
  • Sand Core Mold

    Sand Core Mold

    Name: Sand core mold / sand shooting mold Material: # 45 steel Function: formulate sand core Sand core is used to cast product with hollow structure. The very typical example is car engine head and block casting . Sand core as filler inside metal mold.Read More
  • Aluminum Casting Mold

    Aluminum Casting Mold

    Name: aluminum casting mold Function: used for aluminum casting This mold is used on automatic casting machine. Mold casting lifetime is at least 100,000 times. Baolin molding fabrication lead time: 45 days Most mold will be trial casted in our workshop, this step make sure...Read More
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