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Many points when casting machine produces copper castings
- Jul 25, 2018 -

In the many processes of forming copper castings, casting technology is also included, which is a process carried out on a casting machine, so how the forming effect has a great relationship with the casting machine. There are two types of casting machines that are widely used at present, namely, disc casting machines and linear casting machines. The corresponding uses are different. The disc casting machine is the main casting equipment used in large-scale copper production plants, while linear casting The machine is only used in small copper or copper production plants.

However, the casting process is equally strict. The temperature of the copper liquid and the mold should be strictly controlled during the casting, both for the smooth formation of the copper casting and for the damage of the equipment. In order to facilitate the film stripping, the casting mold is coated with paint every time it is cast. The so-called graphite powder or ashes is generally used as a coating.

Since the copper liquid is cast into an anode plate and must be cooled, the cooling process is also extremely important. Considering that cooling with water spray may cause two kinds of bending phenomena due to improper cooling rate, it is necessary to control the cooling rate.

The casting machine is a casting equipment, which involves the welding process during its production, so there is inevitably smoke. In order not to affect the surrounding environment and the health of the people, the exhaust hood is generally used for prevention and control. Which kind of exhaust hood will be better?

Due to the unfixed operation, the universal air hood is generally used to meet the requirements, but some users can ask whether the suction hood can be blown on the upper part of the casting machine. In fact, this method is not ideal, not only because the amount of induced air is related to the speed of the airflow, but only when the velocity of the gas formed by the induced wind is greater than the velocity of wind formed by other causes, and the energy consumption is relatively high. Also because the wind speed is too large, it will have an adverse effect on the pouring.

In order to get the most reasonable results, in addition to the type of hood is important, its way of setting is also critical. If the casting machine is not moving, then not only the hood should be installed in the equipment, but also in the entire working environment, the actual situation is subject to the actual situation.