Other Casting Equipment

  • Heat Treatment Furnace

    Heat Treatment Furnace

    Name: heat treatment furnace Normalizing furnace, tempering furnace, quenching furnace Electric type Full insulated wall, portable loading trolley.Read More
  • Aluminum Casting Furnace

    Aluminum Casting Furnace

    Name: aluminum casting furnace Specification: Capacity: 250/500kgs Inner container: crucible Mobile or immobile type to fit different application Furnace center max temperature: 1000℃ Aluminum melt liquid max temperature: 850℃ Power: electric / gas Heating speed: 130KGS/Hour...Read More
  • Automatic Cylinder Paint Dipping Line

    Automatic Cylinder Paint Dipping Line

    Name: automatic cylinder paint dipping line It is used in motorcycle cylinder painting works . Feature: Mitsubishi controlled line Chain type conveyor Electric oven to dry paint Manual load and unload product Minimum order quantity: 1set Production lead time: 75 days Before...Read More
  • Degassing Machine

    Degassing Machine

    Name: aluminum degassing machine Graphite rotor Degassing machine is widely used in aluminum casting and foundry industry.Read More
  • Aluminum Etching Machine

    Aluminum Etching Machine

    Name: aluminum etching machine Laser output power:20W Wavelength: 1064NM Q switch frequency:20K-80KHZ Machine power consumption: 500W-800W This etching machine is good at aluminum marking.Read More
  • Aluminum Brazing Machine

    Aluminum Brazing Machine

    The aluminum brazing machine is used for automobile radiator production . it is continous mode operation.Read More
  • Grey Iron Casting Automation Line

    Grey Iron Casting Automation Line

    Name: grey iron casting automation line Iron casting automation line consist of modeling machine , convey system , fettling machine , sand recycle , dust collector and sand reclamation . Full system are completely customized according to different products and requirements ....Read More
  • Aluminum Briquette Machine

    Aluminum Briquette Machine

    Name: aluminum briquette machine Machine work cycle time: 12-15seconds Briquette size: ¢100×50-80mm Hydraulic working system pressure: 25MPa Main cylinder nominal force: 2000KN PLC system Machine weight:6500KGSRead More
  • Horizontal Core Shooter

    Horizontal Core Shooter

    Name: horizontal sand core shooting machine Feature: Max sand core weight: 20KGS Max mold size: 700×530×450mm Max die opening stroke: 750mm Compressed air pressure: 0.45-0.70KPa Machine weight: 1400KGS Max heating power:25KW Ejection stroke: 75-150mm Machine platen is made of...Read More
  • Sand Shell Making Machine

    Sand Shell Making Machine

    Name: shell core machine Platen dimension: 900×600mm Static die thickness: 250mm Die stroke: 430mm Sand shooting capacity: 28KGS Heating mode: electric Heating power: 60KW Operation mode: manual/ singular cycle This shell machine is used to make shell sand core as manifold...Read More
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