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What is the geometry of high-quality casting mold parts?
- Jul 25, 2018 -

In the process of daily processing and production of high-quality casting molds, it is found that there are many requirements for high-quality casting molds. Here is a general knowledge of this:

1. The mold parts designed by the casting mold should be easy to reach the processing quality required on the parts drawing, that is, the structure of the parts, it should be able to ensure the processing is relatively easy, and the workload should be as small as possible.

2, casting mold parts should be easy to use high-productivity processing methods, such as the surface shape distribution of parts processing should be reasonable, try to use standardization, standardization.

3. The design of the parts of the casting mold should be beneficial to reduce the processing workload of the parts, that is, the processing surface should be minimized to reduce the workload and the consumption of tools, electrodes and materials.

4. The material of the parts of the casting mold should be fully considered for easy processing. Whenever possible, leave the retraction position.

When the hole is set in the part, the drilling depth should be reduced. As far as possible, the depth of the hole is not greater than or equal to more than 5 times the aperture.

The structure of the part helps to shorten the auxiliary time during the machining process, such as when the part is processed, it should be easy to position and clamp.

5. The parts of the casting mold should have good rigidity during processing. Some parts are to increase the rigidity, preferably should be the ladder shaft structure, such as punching hole punch, small core, the diameter should be similar, and the diameter should be decreasing or increasing in one direction.

6. The structure of the parts of the casting mold should take into account the safety during processing. When designing a casting mold part and measuring its structural craftability, the designer must fully consider the possible manufacturing process of the entire part part. While satisfying the structural processability, attention should also be paid to the saving of raw materials, and various parts should be manufactured and manufactured with inexpensive materials and appropriate blank manufacturing methods without affecting the use performance, so as to reduce the manufacturing cost.