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Introduction to low pressure and gravity casting methods for casting machines
- Jul 25, 2018 -

The casting machine is a widely used casting equipment for daily industrial production. Its casting method can be generally divided into low pressure casting and gravity casting. So, do you know both of these casting methods? Do you know how different their respective production processes are? Don't worry, here's a small series to explain about low pressure casting and gravity casting.

I. Introduction to low pressure casting

Low-pressure casting mainly refers to the filling of parts produced by the pressure of liquid metal, which is an important method for casting parts. Because it uses less pressure, it is called low pressure casting. Its main feature is that it has good formability, which makes the surface of the casting relatively dense, and the casting is also stable in use. It is suitable for mechanization and automatic production, which is a major feature of him.

Second, gravity casting

What is gravity casting? What is the difference between it and pressure casting? Gravity casting refers to the casting of metal solutions under the influence of gravity. Mainly used in metal and mold casting, unlike pressure casting, it is characterized by many casting methods, high temperature resistance, casting of various shapes, and it has a role in many molds in life.