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The Need To Master The Use Of Carabiner
- Jul 25, 2018 -

Mountaineering is a method that many people love. Although the process is very hard, it can exercise a person's will, exercise one's physical strength, improve one's own quality, and benefit his own health. Carabiner has a certain use for mountaineering. Let's take a look at the use of carabiner.

In the climbing action of climbing, your front thigh muscles will be effectively exercised. Mountain climbing is very helpful in reducing leg fat and shaping the upturned buttocks. This is a lot of regular fitness friends know that indoor sports friends can set the slope on the treadmill, which is also equivalent to climbing, climbing this kind of exercise is very helpful for waist and abdomen exercise, especially to help shape Curved and full-bodied hips. Those who want to lose weight may wish to try the mountain climbing aerobic exercise. Do you know the usage of the carabiner?

The carabiner is a kind of button. As the name suggests, it is used to tie the rope to a load-bearing suspension during mountaineering. With the gradual popularization of outdoor sports, the carabiner gradually enters everyone's field of vision. Most of the carabiner is made of aluminum alloy, iron or stainless steel, and has various shapes, such as a circular carabiner, a racetrack shape, an egg shape, a square shape, a triangle shape, and the like.

Advantages of use: The aluminum alloy carabiner is popular among outdoor sports enthusiasts because of its light weight, anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties.

Not only that, carabiner is now widely used in sportswear, such as stainless steel triangular carabiner can be used on sandbag slings to cope with high-strength stretch.

1. When using the double-ring 8-word knot method, try not to use only one of the loop locks to connect the seat belt, because the tension of the loop may cause the other loop to loosen.

2. If it is necessary to use only one loop of the double-ring 8 knot as the connection, it is better to hang a lock on the other loop and buckle it on the rope as a secondary protection to avoid the knot failure.

Carabiner is an indispensable helper for mountain climbers. Correct use can better protect your safety and health. I hope that after using the above-mentioned contents, everyone can use the most effective and effective hiking trails. The most correct way to protect our personal safety.