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Analysis Of The Material And Application Field Of Carabiner
- Jul 25, 2018 -

For mountaineering buckles, I believe that many mountaineering enthusiasts will not be unfamiliar, because this is related to the safety of mountaineering enthusiasts. As we all know about mountaineering, it is a rock climbing exercise. In general, we will do some safety protection measures before climbing. This safety protection measure is also an indispensable tool. Of course, The main thing is the rope.

Although sometimes we can only use the rope when there is no button, most of them will not happen. Because the carabiner is a must-have item for mountaineering, it is usually carried out with climbing rope when purchasing the protective rope. Buckled. It is better to say that ropes and mountaineering buckles are essential.

In general, the mountaineering buckles are made of aluminum alloy, iron, or stainless steel, and have various shapes, such as a circular carabiner, a racetrack shape, an egg shape, a square shape, a triangle shape, and the like.

Aluminum alloy carabiner is popular among outdoor sports enthusiasts because of its light weight, anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties. Not only that, carabiner is now widely used in sportswear, such as stainless steel triangular carabiner can be used on sandbag slings to cope with high-strength stretch.

Mountaineering buckles can be used not only for mountaineering, but also for many sporting goods.