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A Brief Introduction To Four Different High Quality Carabiner
- Jul 25, 2018 -

Mountaineering has now become a fashion sport. At the same time, it is also a special sport, it belongs to the outdoor climbing movement, the necessary equipment and necessities are indispensable. Among them, the carabiner must be an important equipment. Nowadays, the carabiner of all kinds of functions on the market makes the mountaineering enthusiasts dizzy. What kind of high quality carabiner is safe?

Many times, everyone thinks that the replacement product of the lobster-type invisible buckle is not only insufficiently pressed, but its overall strength and ability to exclude the internal debris of the female buckle are obviously enhanced to be more difficult. In addition, the circular arc closing of the male buckle head completely avoids the insertion and deviation phenomenon when the female buckle is inserted.

The invisible buckle has a large pressing area and is easy to handle even with gloves. It is usually used on the belt and the front strap of the backpack and on the chest strap. However, its structural limitations make it impossible to discharge the snow inside the female buckle when it is covered with snow or other debris. In addition, occasional insertion and deduction may occur when the male buckle and the female snap are inserted.

Rotating hooks are used to withstand different directions of force, and the large circular button can be used for convenient operation in the case of thick gloves. This feature makes it applied to the waist of the ski suit to tighten. Standard Mohbi ladder buckles are widely used for the tightening of backpack shoulder straps and side straps. The feature is that when the webbing of the webbing and the ladder buckle are overlapped, the webbing is self-locking and is not easy to loosen. When the ladder buckle is raised, the webbing will automatically loosen.